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254: Like Staring at the Sun [Rarepair: Jensen/Misha]

title. Laphroaig
author. kriari
characters. Jensen/Misha
rating. NC-17
words. 4,677 [for this part]
summary. Jensen loves scotch, but every time he drinks it things happen. Misha encourages these particular things. As he's wont to do.
read this. The first installment in this author's nuanced, emotionally resonant, and deliciously sexy Scotch Verse. This series is not only filled with lovely writing, but with fantastic characterizations that offer us a Jensen and Misha that are both realistically fleshed out and wonderfully realized. You'll love watching the complex relationship between Misha and Jensen evolve.

title. A Sort of Fairy Tale
author. misslucyjane
characters. Jensen/Misha
rating. PG - NC-17
words. 17,000 [for all parts]
summary. Misha loves Jensen. Jensen is ... getting there.
read this. Simply wonderful! This is a quiet, sweet, and incredibly beautiful love story that unfolds as a 14-part ficmix. I adored the author's Misha voice so much, which is deftly elevated by the story's lyrical prose and smooth narrative flow.

title. Hair of the Dog
author. thevinegarworks
characters. Jensen/Misha
rating. NC-17
words. 3,490
summary. In which Jensen is wickedly hungover, does in-bed body shots with Misha, and has the best fucking birthday of his anyone's life.
read this. A fantastically hot pwp that will leave you breathless and utterly satisfied.

title. Toss Me Breath, When You Hold Me Down
author. devilyouwere
characters. Jensen/Misha
rating. NC-17
words. ~2,200
summary. So, Misha's invited him over for drinks.
read this. Written for the Blow Me(me), this story's deliciously sneaky Misha makes for a wonderful read. I love the just right amount of character bleed that makes this piece simmer.

title. Bill Cosby Wants His Sweater Back
author. philomel
characters. Jensen/Misha
rating. R
words. 2,880
summary. A pornlet based on the theory that this sweater? Is evil.
read this. Hilarious and insanely hot, this fic is a pure joy.

title. Whisky Lullaby
author. flightsofangels
characters. Jensen/Misha
rating. NC-17
words. 12,226
summary. Jensen is a college junior with one goal in mind: hook up with the hottest bartender at the coolest bar in town. Unlucky for him, Misha Collins doesn't go down easy.
read this. In one word: scorching. This AU is as intense as it is exhilarating.

title. Fandom Is Srs Bznz
author. errant_jane
characters. Jensen/Misha
rating. NC-17
words. 10,632
summary. If Misha wants to dial this bitch up to eleven, Jensen's ready to dial it up to twelve. One way or another, Misha's going down.
read this. This is such a fabulous and hilarious crack!fic. In fact it'll have you laughing so hard you'll be in tears. Pure genius!

title. Your Fat Cherry Lips
author. zelda_zee
characters. Jensen/Misha
rating. NC-17
words. 3,011
summary. Really, it’s just about Misha’s mouth. And Jensen’s. But mostly Misha’s.
read this. Raw and incredibly hot. I love the fic's focus on their lips and kissing as much as I love the porn.

title. Character Bleed
author. blualbino
characters. Jensen/Misha (Dean/Castiel)
rating. NC-17
words. ~1400
summary. Jensen and Misha roleplaying as Dean/Castiel.
read this. Jensen/Misha as Dean/Castiel is ridiculously hot. I adore character bleed fics, and this one nicely hits the spot.

title. I Want You Above Me
author. moonlettuce
characters. Jensen/Misha
rating. PG-13
words. 1,583
summary. In which Jensen's having inappropriate erections and Misha starts off oblivious...
read this. Funny and so very hot. Also check out the steamy dirty-talking companion piece, Mr Watson, Come Here. I Want To See You.

reccer's note. I'm filling in for smilla02 today and we both adore this fantastic RPS rarepair. I hope you enjoy this sampling of some of the stories authors have written for Jensen/Misha. Keep 'em coming, fandom ;)
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