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The founders and staff here at sawedoff_recs have made the decision to close up shop. While we are all incredibly sad to have to close our doors, we are also happy and proud with what we've been able to do as a community.

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31 August 2011 @ 12:41 am
title. Swear By All Flowers
author. sweetestdrain
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. NC-17
words. 37000
summary. Two years after the yellow-eyed demon is defeated, the Winchesters are still waiting for their happy ending.
read this. Atmospheric use of the Russian fairytale Baba Yaga meshed seamlessly with SPN makes this story like the tales of old, dark, scary and powerful. The love story proceeds with hesitant baby steps that made me want to push the two of them together for being so clueless. Expertly blended case fic and romance

title. American Boys
author. itsreadinghour
characters. Jared/Jensen
rating. NC-17
words. 4016
summary. "You know what I love about virgins? How much you don't know. How much you want it, how nervous you are to get it, how you don't know what to do once it's given to you." ~Jensen
read this. An intimate look at how an experienced!Jensen leads virgin!Jared past his virginity. Hot and awkward first time sex laced with affection and love. Everything a first time should be

title. The Ghost In You
author. azewewish
characters. Sam, Dean
rating. PG
words. 1387
summary. You lose track over the years, decades, of how often you feel him, at your back, by your side, just out of sight but undeniably there.
read this. Heart breaking look at familial love and the boundaries we'll cross to look after them - I dare you not to tear up.

title. One of the Perks
author. guntomyholster
characters. Jared/Jensen
rating. NC-17
words. 1387
summary. Ball boy!Jensen and older!Jared. Jared's new to the Grand Slams and doesn't realise some of the perks (use of any and all ball boys). He's against it at first but when he sees Jensen he just can't help himself.
read this. Filthy, dirty and very, very hot!

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29 August 2011 @ 08:16 pm
title. You're Everything
vidder. loud82
characters. Sam & Dean
rating. pg13 [reccer's rating]
length. 5:35
summary. A love letter from Sam to his brother.
watch this. This video is everything. The audio, the music, the chosen clips - all masterfully blended together to create an amazing video that does a beautiful job of expressing the love Sam has for his brother.

title. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you
vidder. OneLittleLamb
characters. Sam & Dean
rating. pg13 [reccer's rating]
length. 2:40
summary. I tried to offer a small insight into Sam and Dean's relationship in this vid. The important things that changed their relationship - and how it's still in many ways the same as it's been since they were kids.
watch this. This video does an incredible job of showing the relationship between the boys, and how nothing at all has changed since Dean carried his brother out of the fire. The music - a blend of two different songs from the Supernatural score - and the audio only adds to the haunting atmosphere.

title. When You Roll the Dice
vidder. kellygirl2002
characters. Angels and Demons
rating. pg13 [reccer's rating]
length. 3:17
summary. The general idea of this video came from me just thinking about how the human vessels/meatsuits (on SPN) never know how they are going to be used...if they are going to be a vessel for a human, a puppet for a demon, or just able to live their own lives. Everyone just lives their life by chance, not really knowing what is truly going to happen to them(or what role they are going to play) tomorrow, a month from now, and etc
watch this. I think it's often hard to show the relationship between demons and angels and their vessels, but this video hits it right on the head. I think it's easy to forget that the demons and angels we love (or hate) were once normal people just living out their lives. This video won't let you forget.

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reccer's note: A mix of Supernatural fanvids for your viewing pleasure.
29 August 2011 @ 10:07 pm
title. Kokomo
author. destina
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. NC-17
words. 6,207
summary. Dean needs a vacation, a beer, and a hug from Sam. Whether he likes it or not.
read this. Set in Florida, this story creates an amazing sense of place. Between Dean’s grudging enjoyment of their holiday and the little details of beach-life, the fic conjures such a peaceful mood reading it feels like a vacation in itself.

title. Covalent
author. dotfic
characters. Dean/Castiel
rating. PG-13
words. 2,100
summary. The apocalypse takes a breather, and Dean wants something other than whiskey.
read this. A beautiful, tender snapshot that will have you running for the fridge in search of icecubes. One of the fics who manages to show how Cas and Dean are good for each other not only in the trench but in the quiet moments too.

title. Two Good Reasons
author. electricskeptic
characters. Dean/Castiel
rating. NC-17
words. 3300
summary. The thing about bad ideas is, they often have this way of working out for the best.
read this. A sizzling hot piece of writing that impresses with its slow build and intense up-against-a-car sex. Also strikes a gorgeous balance between a wild first-time and a calm sense of pieces falling into place.

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reccer's note. When I was asked to do a guest post I thought of a gazillion fanworks I wanted to share but I like the idea of compiling a themed list. Considering the temperatures outside a summer mix seemed appropriate. Today's recs put together a collection of fic and art, various pairings and different genres. I hope you enjoy!
Another collection of rarepairs recs, including some fics that illuminate the angsty hotness that is Sam Winchester. Various pairings involving other characters also get reccing love here. Happy reading!


title. You who are free, rescue the dead
author. oxoniensis
characters. Sam/Lenore
rating. NC-17
words. 3,900
summary. A missing scene for 2x03, Bloodlust.
read this. Evocative and beautifully characterized. Plus, there are sequels.


title. Stay (faraway, so close)
author. amchara
characters. Sam/Sarah, Dean
rating. PG-13
words. 4,500
summary. He’s not going to make it easy.
read this. Vivid writing, heartaching and hopeful.


title. time will say nothing but i told you so
author. coffee_in_bed
characters. Sam/Jess
rating. R
words. 1,200
summary. “I’m okay.” He tries for a smile and feels it fail, and her hand curves over his cheek.
read this. Lovely and sad and wistful, this will make you hurt for what could never be.

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