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419: to cut a short story short (mix)

reccer's note. I love a true short and these are some of my favorites. All stories range from 100 words into the approximately 500 words acre.

title. It's Only Enough When It's Too Much
author. shanaqui/edenbound
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. NC-17
words. 300
summary. He's been waiting for this since before he knew what it was.
read this. So much sexy in three hundred words, but this blew me away with its intimacy and passion.

title. you found me awake (but asleep)
author. devilyouwere
characters. Dean/Castiel
rating. unrated
words. 500
summary. Dean is suddenly and inevitably alone.
read this. A gorgeous short with a thread of melancholy running through it, yet it is not easily categorized as happy or sad.

title. Seeing Red
author. eloise_bright
characters. Dean, John, Sam
rating. PG-13
words. 300
summary. Three interconnected drabbles. Three POVs. Moving backwards in time.
read this. One of my favorite fics for three years now; the gorgeous words mixed with the tone of domestic horror is just right.

title. Any place I needed to go
author. latentfunction
characters. Dean/Anna
rating. PG
words. 450
summary. Anna hadn't done all this for nothing.
read this. A fabulous look into Anna's head and how she feels about Dean and her life in heaven and on Earth.

title. Shake This World Off My Shoulders
author. dreamlittleyo
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. R
words. 500
summary. Post-hunt shower sex and a hint of schmoop.
read this. Pure indulgence that packs a punch! This is the best of id fic for Sam/Dean readers.

title. Untitled
author. drvsilla
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. adult
words. 500
summary. Pre-series; bit of fixation universe.
read this. A slice of life from the classic Fixation Series that cannot be missed. The characterizations are seamless, as if Sam and Dean are two halves of the same person.

title. A Little Rain Must fall
author. rivers_bend
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. adult
words. 511
summary. Dean takes a break to enjoy the rain and his brother.
read this. The atmosphere of joy mixed with surprise sells this vignette well; I love Dean in this for all of his layers.

title. Lines In the Sand
author. leighm
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. NC-17
words. 525
summary. His body's warm, giving Sam all the heat he could possibly want.
read this. A touch of every emotion one can have compose this ficlet that comes together in a lovely moment for the brothers.

title. press 3 to save
author. mimblexwimble
characters. Sam, Dean
rating. G
words. 400
summary. End of message. Press 1 to delete this message or press 3 to save. If only it were that easy.
read this. Pure heartbreak in 400 words. This will stick with you long after you finish it.

title. Continuum
author. paxlux
characters. Sam, Dean
rating. PG
words. 498
summary. A haunting behind them, a hundred some-odd miles. A haunting ahead of them.
read this. Fantastic prose make up a tightly packed story of Sam and Dean's life on the job. Every word is chosen with care so that it seems much longer than a ficlet.

title. REST STOP, 1 MILE
author. grace_fully
characters. Sam, Dean
rating. PG-13
words. 465
summary. The one where Dean is a road warrior.
read this. Strong in every sense, but another short wherein Dean's characterization is most fabulous and the story is driven from there.

title. ain't we famous
author. whereupon
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. unrated
words. 332
summary. He looks happy and it's not something Dean's seen often enough.
read this. Sam, Sam, Sammy. It doesn't get much better for Sam characterization than Whereupon and she does some amazing work in so few words.

title. With you and I defying gravity, they’ll never bring us down
author. tigriswolf
characters. Dean, Sam, Michael, Lucifer
rating. PG
words. 550
summary. He sleeps and doesn’t dream of Hell.
read this. Incredibly eerie and unexpected, this definitely brings in the horror element but it's not blood and guts. Subtlety makes its mark here.

title. Letter
author. winterlive
characters. Sam/Faith/Dean
rating. unrated
words. 275
summary. Faith figures, what the hell. Crossover with BtVS.
read this. Comment fic that is hotter than the sun wrapped in flames. What it says on the tin and it delivers.

title. Untitled
author. hegemony
characters. girl!Dean/Sam
rating. unrated
words. 421
summary. She's a mess, thighs shaking and body on fire, limbs flying everywhere as she groans.
read this. I am an easy sell when it comes to girl!Dean fic but this? This is extraordinary, the best of het porn in that it's well-written and the characterization is spot-on. My kingdom for more fic from Hegemony.

title. Untitled
author. vinylroad
characters. Dean/OFC
rating. unrated
words. 394
summary. Dean's six the first time he hears the word "blowjob".
read this. A tender and sexy look at Dean and his experiences with blowjobs.

title. Feverish Desire
author. halfshellvenus
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. PG
words. 100
summary. Against Sam, then and now, Dean never had a chance.
read this. A perfect drabble that explores why Sam and Dean need to be Sam and Dean. Also, its a great example of all show, rare tell.

title. and all green grass
author. july_july_july
characters. Dean
rating. G
words. 233
summary. They told you to be careful on the stairs.
read this. Spooky use of second person point of view that is just hammer to the head of the nail. The best of story, the best of terror.

title. Talisman
author. keerawa
characters. Zachariah, Gabriel
rating. PG
words. 100
summary. Certain things cannot be taken, only given away.
read this. A twist on "where is the amulet?" from two characters I did not expect to take much interest in it. This surprised me on so many levels.

title. No one else I'd rather face down the devil with
author. gretazreta
characters. Dean, Sam
rating. unrated
words. 555
summary. The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but he hasn't only travelled that road.
read this. A post 4-22 coda that is pure angst in the best way, and Greta packs so much into comment fic that I am agog that it's truly so few words.

title. I've Lived My Life In Motel Rooms
author. locknkey
characters. OFC, Sam/Dean
rating. R
words. 397
summary. An outsiders view of Sam & Dean
read this. A truly open and raw outsider point of view on Sam and Dean; how they appear to the OFC shows what they can hide and what they can't.
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