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048 : Young Sam'nDean.

title. Lucifer Sam
author. cyndrarae.
characters. Sam, Dean, John, OCs
rating. PG-13 for language, gen
words. ~11,000
summary. The life and times of Sam Winchester.
read this. Told in three parts, this is Sam at the age of 4, 10 and 17. And no, this story is not about Sam being demonic though I must say that the author was somewhat prophetic in giving the title as such! I love this story so much because their love for each other is so very tangible. And to see how Sam evolves from being the clingy little boy with the fear of being left behind to the angry young man who's planning on doing the leaving, so heart-breaking.

title. Heave Away, Boy
author. essenceofmeanin.
characters. Sam ( 14 ), Dean ( 18 ), John, OC
rating. G, gen
words. 1830
summary. Trouble shows up a lot on Winchester doorsteps. It just usually doesn't shine its shoes.
read this. A Marine shows up at the Winchesters' household to recruit Dean. Short but poignant, John cuts short any dream that Dean might have had, telling him that the family comes first.

title. Just Because William Tell Could do it Doesn’t Mean That I Should
author. tahirire
characters. Sam ( 14 ), Dean ( 18 )
rating. PG, gen
words. 718
summary. Teen!Sam spends some time at a camp while Dean and John are on a hunting trip. Dean sneaks into the camp to check on his little brother.
read this. Dean checking on his little brother at camp is so very endearing. And so is Sam immediately taking stock of his big brother's post-hunt injuries!

title. Killing Time In Detention
author. apocalypsos.
characters. Sam, Dean, OC
rating. PG, gen.
words. 1000
summary. Sam and Dean serve detention for being at the center of a huge school fight where they end up by passing notes to each other the whole time.
read this. A delightful read - fun, funny and smart. The notes they wrote are absolutely priceless!

title. The Promise. Or read it here or here.
author. gillianinoz.
characters. Sam ( 14 ), Dean ( 18 ), John
rating. R with warning for under-aged Wincest
words. 24,103
summary. Kidnapped and imprisoned, Sam & Dean only have each other and their inner resources to get them through.
read this. Beautifully written, this story will break your heart in more ways than one. Struggling to keep their promise to always be together, this story goes from them being confined to a cell to what happens after and how John deals with the aftermath of his two boys being imprisoned for long periods of time with no one but each other for company.

title. Banishment
author. eloise_bright.
characters. Sam, Dean, John
rating. PG13, gen
words. 3200
summary. Dean lies to John.
read this. The dynamics between John and his sons in this story is fascinating. It tells of how far Dean is willing to go to be in his father's good books and how Dean's submissiveness where their Dad is concerned angers Sam no end. The contrast on the brothers' interaction with their father makes a very compelling read indeed.

title. Stir Crazy
author. halfshellvenus
characters. Sam, Dean
rating. G, gen
words. 103
summary. Sam drives Dean crazy.
read this. Dean baby-sitting Sammy on one of John's trips away from home, this is a hilarious and heart-warming take on young Dean looking after wee!Sam. Short but it packs a punch!

reccer's note. I love reading non-AU stories of the boys when they're young. The stories may be funny or sad but no matter how dysfunctional their little family is, it's essentially them without the taint of demons and deals and apocalypse and whatnots. The Wincesty ones are a bit tricky but they're beautiful when they're delicately done and I adore the one that Gillian wrote above.

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