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078: female-centric

title. pit stop
author. valiant
characters. jess/jo
rating. nc-17
words. 1200
summary. jo and jess, on the road
read this. this was the fic which first got me into reading femslash and i can't recommend it highly enough. scorchingly hot but with wonderful characterization and an intriguing au of jo and jess on the road together.

title. cadence of a fall
author. fading_echoes
characters. anna, castiel
rating. pg
words. 1000
summary. anna milton dreams in latin.
read this. a really interesting take on anna's childhood and her friendship with castiel; poignant and beautifully written.

title. buttercream frosting
author. zabira
characters. danneel/genevieve, jared, jensen
rating. nc-17
words. 3500
summary. "genevieve and i have come to a decision, and we're going to need the house to ourselves for the evening."
read this. this is a ridiculously happy-making fic. the sex is steamy and the individual characterization of the girls (and their frequently open-mouthed boyfriends) is a joy to read. (this fic is a continuation of rehearsing and so that happened which are also great fun.)

title. ruby's lullaby
vidder. meg_tdj
characters. ruby/sam
rating. pg-13
length. 2:24
summary. ruby sings to sam while he sleeps.
watch this. i love this video; the editing, the song choice, and the pacing are all well done to create a powerful picture not only of ruby's intentions towards sam but also of sam's changes and growing isolation.

title. untitled drabble
author. fleshflutter
characters. mary
rating. g
words. 100
summary. mary's childhood
read this. short but perfectly written; the imagery in this really stayed with me.

reccer's note. as much as i love jared, jensen, and the winchester boys, it's fun to focus on other characters sometimes, and all of these fics provide a perspective i'd never thought about before. i hope you enjoy them (and please remember to leave feedback for the authors/vidder if you do!) ♥
Tags: !reccer: guest, # femslash, # gen, # het, # rpf, # rps, -- artist: m, -- author: f, -- author: v, -- author: z, art: video, character: anna milton, character: castiel, character: danneel harris, character: genevieve cortese, character: jared padalecki, character: jensen ackles, character: jessica moore, character: jo harvelle, character: mary campbell winchester, character: ruby, character: sam winchester, pairing: danneel/genevieve, pairing: jess/jo, pairing: sam/ruby, ~ fan fiction, ~ fan video
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