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174: J2 Podfic

title. We'll Dance All Night Until The House Falls Down by fleshflutter
reader. juice817 @ audio_by_juice
characters. Jared/Jensen
rating. NC-17
length. 27:41
summary. This is the tale of deaf!serial-killer!attendant!Jensen and insane!underage!Jared in a mental hospital. Please see warnings at the fic.
listen to this. An electric and frenetic reading by the incomparable Juice, who takes this psych-horror AU to a new level of terror with her impeccable read.

title. In From The Cold by ladyjanelly
reader. paraka, diurnal_lee and kronos999
characters. Jared/Jensen
rating. R
length. 5:08:00
summary. Jared takes a hurt Jensen in; meanwhile, Jeff is badass.
listen to this. A fabulous cast reading of a hurt/comfort classic. This is an engaging read of a story with myriad layers that slowly come together to reveal a complex love story, and the ensemble reading only heightens the theatrical feeling in that this feels more like a script than a fiction.

title. That He Will by grace_fully
reader. countess7
characters. Jared/Jensen
rating. PG-13
length. 15:46
summary. Jared is patient. He nearly cracks, but he is patient.
listen to this. A joyfully tinged read of a fabulous one-shot that will leave you smiling. Perfect length and rating for a commute or waiting in line at the post office.

title. Punch Drunk by rivers_bend
reader. sadcypress @ @ sadtreepodfic
characters. Jared/Jensen
rating. R
length. 20:38
summary. Gay sex is just one of the things that happens when you drink Mike's punch. Or is it?
listen to this. Another amazing read by Emily with great character voices and inflections that elevate this from a reading to a performance.

reccer's note. All links lead to MP3 and audiobook [M4B] when possible. Text available at most links via the comment to the author link. Every podfic link also links back to where you can comment to reader – leave feedback if you will! All audiobooks by cybel unless otherwise indicated. During our hiatus, I did a Sam/Dean podfic rec post here for those interested. Happy Monday! ♥
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