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210: Hidden Treasures [Gen; 1 art & 2 fics]

title. A Side of Fries
author. innie_darling
characters. Dean, Sam
rating. PG
words. 606
summary. The plate of fries is just perfect, crisp and hot, covered in stripes of ketchup and sprinkled with salt and pepper.
read this. A lovely teen!chester snapshot that plays on Dean's love for food, but it's actually about their protectiveness of each other. The contrast between the worrying and the laughter sums up the pre-series boys perfectly.

title. Two on a Hill
author. indysaur
characters. Dean, Sam, other season four characters
rating. PG
words. 3214
summary. They have things taken from them, every one.
read this. indysaur is well-known for her gorgeous J2 fic but she also has several Supernatural stories that are so intense they pull the reader into the world she creates with a few key strokes – this is such a fic. Sam is ambiguous, the prose is constructed to relay the out of control feelings of the characters, and the plot is all there and driven by the characters.

title. Dean Winchester Moodtheme
artist. wickedgrdn @ fadedfl0wers
characters. Dean Winchester
rating. PG (reccer's rating)
type. moodtheme
summary. The many faces of Dean Winchester.
see this. A gorgeous moodtheme feature Dean (and other characters including Sam) in season five. The shading in the back and white theme is gorgeous, but the color version is vibrant and sparks. Everything by wickedgrdn is amazing; she's one of the few graphic artists who works with black and white and color equally well.

reccer's note. These are hidden away but not to be missed because they delve into our beloved characters. Enjoy.
Tags: !reccer: maerhys, # gen, -- artist: e, -- author: i, art: moodtheme, character: dean winchester, character: sam winchester, theme: hidden treasures, ~ fan art, ~ fan fiction
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