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019: Rare Pair: Jared/Sandy

title. Being Sick As Its Upsides
author. tehuberfangirl @ renegade_fics
characters. Jared/Sandy
rating. PG
words. 901
summary. Chicken noodle soup can cure anything well almost anything.
read this. Scmooptastic, old-school J/S to make the heart beat a little faster.

title. Talk Tonight
author. kickaboutheart
characters. Jared/Sandy
rating. NC-17
words. 1070
summary. sentence
read this. Hot porn, little plot, but all Jared/Sandy with an ending that made me go "OH!"

title. I Was Just Thinking I've Been Missing You For Way Too Long
author. stare_at_walls
characters. Jared/Sandy
rating. PG-13
words. 3000
summary. Jared's break-up with Sandy. This is how it happened, really. Miles of distance and people they don't know.
read this. A beautiful and realistic portrayal of long-distance relationships, and sometimes love isn't enough.
Tags: !reccer: maerhys, # het, # rpf, -- author: k, -- author: s, -- author: t, character: jared padalecki, character: sandra mccoy, pairing: jared/sandy, theme: rare pairs
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