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289: pre-series S/D

title. showtime
author. velvetine01
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. PG-13
words. 1500
summary. Exhibitionism was really more of Sam's thing.
read this. Sexy fic, with a Sammy that likes to show off exactly how close he is to his brother. This has a strong Dean voice, filled with sarcasm and humor.

title. Glimpsed in the Mirror of His Bright Shield
author. keerawa
characters. Dean, Sam (pre-slash)
rating. NC-17
words. 1045
summary. Some things aren't safe to look at directly.
read this. Both Sam and Dean feel very in character and appropriate for their ages. Dean's internal voice is pitch perfect, sensual and full of denial. Sammy is a bit of a brat. The little details make this scorching hot.

title. Fortune's Fool
author. wordsothewitch
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. R
words. 2182
summary. Even the Fool knows the carnival must come to an end.
read this. Atmospheric outsider POV. A hint of creepy and stunning imagery make this more than worth the read. A Sam and Dean you will recognize even in this other-worldly setting. Gorgeous, beautiful and emotive.

title. Fever
author. bksncleverfic
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. R
words. 5500
summary. Sam's sick when Dad's away. Dean takes care of him.
read this. This author paints a great picture of a Dean who is at war with himself and a Sam that is sure of what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. A generous dose of hurt/comfort and a hot and an emotionally satisfying end.

title. Hammock
author. rivers_bend
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. R
words. 720
summary. It's very difficult to fool around in a hammock.
read this. Boys in a hammock - if you need more than that, this is full of cute and sweet and schmoop with a dash of hot. A playful and fun, short read.

title. Forking Paths: Sam's sixteenth birthday
author. nightporters
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. PG-13 (reccer's rating)
words. 4380
summary. Dean wants to giver Sam a real birthday celebration.(reccer)
read this. A sweet day full of the beach and a fair and brotherly love and banter that's starting to edge over into more. The author gives the boys a happy day, full of special memories that are a delight to read.

title. Arson
author. coyotesuspect
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. NC-17
words. 4200
summary. In the end, they decide to burn the warehouse down.
read this. The brother dynamic is never forgotten in this steamy hot fic, full of tight dialogue, competitive natures and strong visuals. Sam is a tease and once he decides what he wants, Dean doesn't stand a chance, despite his guilt.

title. Kissing 101
author. selecasharp
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. PG-13
words. 2290
summary. Sam's first kiss doesn't go well. Dean offers to teach him how.
read this. The author puts a unique twist on this trope, making it fresh. Sam is perfectly young and uncertain. A sweet and lovely kissing fic.

title. Ever After (The Gut, Heart, Soul remix)
author. tabaqui
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. PG-13 (reccer's rating)
words. 1277
summary. Sam wants a week of normal for his sixteenth birthday. (reccer)
read this. This is a wonderful fic where Sam wishes for what he doesn't have, but comes to value what he does. There is a sensual, languid feel to this Sam POV fic that will leave you with a smile on your face.

title. we could make a feast from these crumbs
author. [AO3 account] selu
characters. Sam/Dean
rating. NC-17 (reccer's rating)
words. 3271
summary. Sam and Dean go goth to take down a monster that preys on the pretty who love to party.
read this. Heart pounding visuals, with boys in leather and eyeliner. Hotter than fire, this fic captures the yearning and risk involved when crossing certain lines with your brother.
Tags: !reccer: guest, # wincest, -- author: b, -- author: c, -- author: k, -- author: n, -- author: r, -- author: s, -- author: t, -- author: v, -- author: w, character: dean winchester, character: sam winchester, pairing: sam/dean, theme: pre-series, theme: underage, ~ fan fiction
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