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Sawed-Off Recommendations

For Supernatural Art, Fiction & Videos

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A Supernatural Fan Works Rec Community
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Sawed-Off Recs
Supernatural Fan Work Recommendations

o1. We are insatiable consumers of fan works, or fans with opinions. We like to share them. The community's founders are maerhys and nyoka. We rec frequently with our staff reccers, whom are dotfic and smilla02. In addition to the staff, we welcome our permanent reccers locknkey, twoskeletons, roque_clasique, enablelove, and elanurel (in memoriam).

o2. We disclaim now and forever that these are not objective selections above and beyond our goal, but fan works we and our guest posters find enjoyable and that meet our personal criteria within the overall objective of the site.

o3. All fan works recced by someone who has served as a beta, editor, and/or first reader OR produced for the reccer are seconded by another reccer — permanent or staff.

o4. You do not need to join the community, as it is closed. Please use the watch function.

o5. At this time we have a loose posting schedule, but there will new recommendations at least three times a week and most likely more. There will be recs based on themes, pairings, episodes, our favorites, and instant (or, OMG!) recommendations when we have to share right now.

o6. If you are recommended here, we will comment on your work to let you know because feedback is awesome. ♥

o7. We are looking for guest posters for fan fiction, podfics, fan mixes, fan art, and fan videos. If you are interested, please comment here.

o8. Please suggest and link to other fan works that go with with theme, pairing, characters, et cetera in the comments of any rec post. Share the love!

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